February 28, 2015

What We Do

Have you hit a plateau with your online marketing? Feel like you’ve been putting in a lot of effort on social media without seeing real-world results? Not sure where to go from here?

Let us help.

Dark Matter Digital Media works with your team to create custom solutions around your organization’s unique digital media needs. Together we’ll develop and implement a sustainable plan to optimize your online presence.

digital_strategyDigital Strategy 

A comprehensive digital strategy takes into consideration your present efforts, long and short term goals, and your existing resources prior to planning.  We’ll audit your social media, email marketing and web content; and then together come up with strategy that your organization can implement with confidence.

Content Development

Written copy, visual/graphic collateral, & video: we’ll talk about the most effective channels to reach your specific audience, and then develop a content strategy to keep you top of mind with the people you most want to reach.

Analytics & Measurement

The only way to know if your digital media is truly effective is to measure it.  We’ll work together to pinpoint your specific media goals and create a system for measuring your success with them. Regularly reviewing your progress lets you know where and when to make strategic changes, and helps avoid wasting time & money.

Training & Education

Just because everyone has access to social media doesn’t mean everyone knows how to use it effectively.  Your organization will benefit when your team has formal training on social media tools & engagement, content marketing, measurement, and general communications strategies. We’ll work with you to develop a 1-3 day training program around your organization’s unique mission, culture and media strategy.

Additional Services

Email Campaigns | Crowdfunding Campaigns | Online Community Building